Happy Summer, everyone! The remainder of this season is full of music therapy group opportunities for children with special needs in the Portland area.

Here are our upcoming events:

The Littles Music Therapy Group: Saturday, 7/18, 10:10-10:50am
Music Therapy Group Two: Saturday, 7/18, 11:10-11:50am
The Littles Music Therapy Group: Saturday, 7/25, 10:10-10:50am
Music Therapy Group Two: Saturday, 7/25: 11:10-11:50am
Summer Songwriting Series: Saturdays, 1-1:45pm, 8/1-8/22
Music Therapy Outreach Groups in Spanish: Saturdays, 12-12:45pm, 7/25-8/15

HB 2796

For those of you following the music therapy licensure endeavors here in Oregon, HB 2796 was signed into law by Governor Kate Brown on July 1st and will go into effect next January. Music Therapy Services of Portland intends to pursue reimbursement for all interested families as soon as the new year is upon us. If you are interested, please contact us for more information so that all paperwork is in place by 2016 for your child.

Michael Ricucci

I also wanted to share a recent interview on The Douglas Coleman Show of Terra Rising’s Michael Ricucci. Michael stopped in Oregon twice on his documentary tour to capture music therapy in action, so his face may be familiar to some of you.

Michael is still working on this project and also joining us in Ecuador to document our work in September. During the first three days of September, I will be leading a workshop in Guayaquil for musicians from across Ecuador on how to use music more therapeutically. On September 4, three music therapists from the U.S. will be presenting at Ecuador’s International Symposium, Music Therapy: Music as a therapeutic resource in cognitive, physical and communicative rehabilitation and treatment from a clinical perspective. 

Aldo Farfan

Our hope is to help innovative pioneers in Ecuador like Aldo Farfan from Centro Integral de Equinoterapia secure funding for music therapy from the government.


Finally, we are about to launch a fundraising campaign in order to complete a CD/DVD of songs created specifically for children with special needs. We are excited to share more information soon!