Tymme and Katie Singing

For the past five months of my music therapy internship, I have had the privilege of working with this amazing girl named Tymme. Miss Tymme is diagnosed with autism and we have been working on various goals including increasing speech and communication. When I am with her, I help to make her life a constant musical! We have formed quite a special therapeutic bond through the power of music. We use everything from beat-boxing and rapping to improvising our own songs. In this video you will see the social interactions between us, including exchanging melodies conversationally, exploring my throat to feel the vocal vibrations, and practicing words such as “up.” This is just a glimpse of what it’s like during our music therapy sessions together!

Tymme at the Piano

One of the goals I’ve created for Tymme is to increase her creative expression. Music is used as an outlet to express herself and communicate. Over the course of our sessions, I have used the piano intermittently to facilitate songs, play scales, and provide soothing music. I always invite Tymme to the piano to play with me, hoping her interest in playing piano will increase. When she plays the piano with me, it is usually for a few brief moments and then she might proceed to dance in the other room while listening. During this particular session, I finally captured this beautiful response. This is the first time Tymme has seated herself at the piano for this long, and through her exploring, she comes alive. You’ll notice moments where we are having a “conversation” back and forth. Tymme also plays partial scales on her own. Her musicality and expression go a lot deeper than what meets the human ear, and she teaches me new things every session.