Today I want to introduce you to Graham. Although Graham is a child of many gifts, one of his most immediately apparent to me was his ability to repeat a script of something he watched on television or youtube. Sometimes I refer to someone with this skill as a scripter. So what happens when you put a scripter in front of a mirror with a microphone?

Graham definitely seized the opportunity to act out the characters from one of his favorite shows. But then he surprised me by turning the experience into an interview. He held the microphone and I said my name, then he took the microphone and repeated me. Then I said, “Hello, Graham,” and he repeated that. Then finally, “My name is Angie,” followed by Graham saying, “My name is Graham!” In this video, you can see snippets of that followed by Graham singing the next phrase of The Balloon Song.

If you have the chance to plant your child in front of a mirror with a microphone, see what happens. Try to guide an interview type feel – going back and forth with the microphone and transforming the scripting into dialogue with turn taking.