Flexible Options

We offer flexible service options because we understand your schedule is complex and your needs are unique.


Individual sessions are 50 minutes long, with 10 minutes left for notes and transitions. After an initial assessment, measurable goals and objectives catered to the specific strengths and challenges of your loved one will be created. Data and progress notes are taken after each session. The goals and objectives are frequently reviewed and updated by your therapist. As the client progresses, we adapt sessions to help them reach new goals!

We strive to compliment other therapies and programs in which your family member participates. Communication with the allied health professionals on your family member’s team is an invaluable part of our process.


Many of our clients show a special interest in a particular instrument or in music in general. We provide individual piano, guitar, voice, or music theory lessons. If you are unsure of which to start with, we are happy to give you a chance to try them all!

Although we specialize in adapting lessons to make them successful for persons diagnosed with disabilities, we will work with anyone who is ready to learn. We take pride in being able to help all on their musical journey regardless of age, cognitive level, disability, or experience!


Group sessions are created when it it clear that two or more clients are mutually beneficial to each other’s growth. These groups provide a client the opportunity to engage with other clients in a safe and structured space.

Many of the songs and activities in these groups are introduced in individual sessions so that your loved one is confident and excited about his or her role within the larger group setting.


These sessions are typically a minimum of two hours within your home. By working with your loved one in a familiar setting, we address some of the challenges in his or her routine such as taking a bath, getting dressed, brushing teeth or eating a meal. This package includes a follow up mp3 and video created to address a specific challenge.

This song and video work best when learned by the entire family and will include the steps involved and language around a particular challenge in order to provide incentive and structure to help your loved one master this challenge.


Beginning with individual sessions allows our clients to get used to a music therapy routine and build trust with the therapist. We recommend starting with weekly individual sessions.