There are a few great opportunities that I wanted to share. Thank you to the families and agencies who shared these events with us.

Qigong Sensory Training Institute

I’ve heard some great feedback about Early Intervention, Treatment, Training and Research for Children with Autism: Qigong Sensory Training Institute.  This is funded by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau – meaning FREE and at least in the case of one of my families, they come to you!

Social Sibs project

Dr. Amy Donaldson is the director of the Autism and Child Language Disorders Lab at Portland State University. Thanks to an Autism Speaks grant, she is currently recruiting families for her Social Sibs project. Families will receive 10 weeks of intervention individualized to their child’s specific social communication goals free of charge.  We are recruiting children with ASD ages 4-7 and siblings with typical development ages 5-10.

Spectrums Magazine

The latest edition of Spectrums Magazine just came out as well. I want to express my sincere thanks to Courtney Freitag for bringing highlighting music therapy in this edition.

CPR Certified

I wanted to give a shout-out to CPR Certified for their extensive research and resource page about music therapy. Thank you!

next free music therapy group

Finally, our next free music therapy group is Saturday, June 7th. Registration is now open. If you’re a family interested in joining one of our ongoing bi-weekly groups, please contact me for more information.