Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation (RAS)

Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation (RAS) is a fantastic technique that can be used to facilitate and foster better gait training for neurologic impairments such as Parkinson’s Disease. Movement deficits with Parkinson’s are due to dysfunction of the basal ganglia; a collection of structures within the brain that regulate the ability to control movement. Researchers have determined that even when the basal ganglia are not functioning optimally, patients with Parkinson’s are able to entrain with a rhythmic beat.

RAS can enhance the ability to synchronize gait patterns to auditory rhythm. The result is a dramatic improvement in the speed, symmetry, and muscle activation patterns of a patient’s gait, ultimately enhancing improvements in walking and other bodily movements. In addition, further studies have shown the ability of this rhythmic training to produce sustainable improvements in gait recovery over longer periods of time.

How You can use RAS

What I’ve discovered is that although this technique can work wonders, it isn’t accessible to many people. There aren’t many neurologic music therapists in the country. And even for those fortunate enough to have one in their community, the cost and time involved in working with a neurologic music therapist may still prove prohibitive.

My goal is to provide greater access by teaching individuals how to practice Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation on their own.If you have a neurologic music therapist in your community, seeing them in person is absolutely the best way for you to learn and practice this technique. Working with a trained neurologic music therapist may provide the ability to cater to the needs of an individual and observe the physiologic responses to music first hand. For those who don’t have this opportunity, the next best thing that I can offer is training you how to use this technique through online video chats and phone calls.

For some of you, purchasing this ebook and working through the eight simple steps on your own may be just the right amount of guidance you want. If you find yourself struggling to find songs that match your gait down the road, you can always come back and purchase a consultation.

Why purchasing the book and receiving online consultation may be best for you

If you buy the package, you’ll receive the book, a 45 minute online consultation to help you get started, then two 15 minute follow-up consultations. Once you’ve purchased the online method, read through the directions, and if you have the technology to video chat with your laptop, notebook, or iPad, I can actually observe your gait in action. This will take a partner holding the camera while you walk, but in my experience, it’s completely worth the effort. Once we’ve established a walking path within your house and measured your BPM, we can start by having you walk to a metronome.

Then I’ll help you find songs that match your gait and meet your musical preferences to inspire you to stand a little taller, increase your stride length, swing your arms and perhaps most importantly, wake up and do it again tomorrow! Follow up consults will enable me to provide more feedback and inundate you with more song choices so that you continue to enjoy your rhythmic auditory stimulation sessions.