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Hey, families. We still have a few spaces in both our morning and afternoon summer camp. If you’re new to music therapy, reach out to us and schedule an intake so we can get to know your child and determine which group is the best fit. This weeklong camp provides kids with the opportunity to make strong social connections, address goals through the motivation of music, art and movement AND you get to drop them off for 3 hours knowing they’re in the hands of experienced and loving professionals.

Summer Camp

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Music therapy helps children achieve greater success with many different goals by enhancing neural activity through motivating music. Examples of interventions include songwriting, singing to books, movement with music, singing familiar songs, playing instruments. Our camp will use music therapy interventions to address the following goals:

  • social interaction
  • motor movement
  • communication
  • anxiety reduction
  • building friendships
  • increasing self confidence and self esteem
  • independence, personal growth and achievement
  • self-regulation in a group setting

This camp will be facilitated by board-certified and licensed music therapists. Drop your child off with experienced professionals who specialize in autism and are sincerely interested in helping your child. Please contact us with any questions or concerns. We can help you determine which group is a better fit for your child.