When working with pre-teens and teens diagnosed with ASD, it is important to consider all factors. Not only are they dealing with the normal teenage social issues, such as building and maintaining relationships, but they have impairments in understanding and processing social cues from others. A person diagnosed on the spectrum may not know that someone at school does not like them, because they did not understand the subtle social cues most people would. This can impact overall happiness and affect anxiety levels of a person diagnosed with ASD, causing problems in school or at home.

Teen Music Therapy Groups

Music Therapy Services of Portland is pleased to offer a music therapy group that will cater to the needs of clients diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, who are in or beginning their teenage years. This group will focus on the social and emotional needs of the clients, providing them with a safe space to learn and practice social and coping skills and share with their peers.

More Details

Because this is a music therapy group, activities are music-based and include songwriting, listening to and discussing music, and improvisational playing. These activities set the stage for predetermined social and emotional goals to be met, while building trust in the group. A typical music therapy group session includes an introduction to the group, activities to address goals, and a conclusion.

The introduction allows all the members to meet or be reintroduced to each other, while preparing the members for the structure of the group. After this, the therapist leads the group in music activities that will address the preset social and emotional goals. An example of this could be a songwriting activity where each member contributes to writing a group song. Writing a song as a group would encourage members to participate in turn taking, listening, communicating, and sharing. These are skills that are applicable to any social other setting. Finally, the goodbye song wraps up discussion and provides a clear indicator that the group is over.

A Safe Space

Our group will provide a safe space for teens diagnosed on the Autism spectrum to question and receive feedback from their peers and the music therapist. The group will provide our clients with social and coping skills ultimately needed to improve relationships and reduce social anxieties.

  • Music therapy group catering to pre-teens and teens diagnosed with ASD
  • Focusing on social and emotional needs of clients
  • Providing a safe space to learn and practice social skills
  • Music-based activities such as songwriting, listening and discussing, and improvisation
  • Improve relationships and reduce social anxieties

This series of weekly music therapy groups will be facilitated by board-certified music therapist, Kate Harris. Please contact Kate Harris at (662) 202-2777 or kate@musictherapyportland.com for more information.