Our Plans for 2013

As December approaches and families begin to prepare for 2013, West Hills Music Therapy Studio is creating more music therapy groups. It’s hard to believe, but we just celebrated our three year anniversary of providing free monthly music therapy groups for children diagnosed on the autism spectrum! We’ve learned a lot and are excited to share some changes with you.

In addition to the free monthly group that allows many families and children to experience a music therapy group for the first time, we’re creating monthly groups for a small fee ($10-$20 sliding scale) for families who have been to three sessions.

We are also starting weekly groups in January. Weekly music therapy groups offer the opportunity for growth and musical community for a consistent group of matched clients over an eight week span. These groups will focus on individually assessed needs, and may include self expression, communication, and/or social interaction. In order for us to form groups of children who are compatible by age and/or level of verbal functioning, please contact us before registering. More information about our weekly groups can be found here.

Say Hello to Our New Intern

We are very excited to introduce our new intern, Marie Durfee.

Marie Durfee recently finished her Music Therapy coursework at Marylhurst University and is working hard to prepare for her eight month Music Therapy Internship with us. She will begin in January and is excited to be on the path towards her vision of working with children and young adults with autism. When she is not playing music with friends or going to see music performed, Marie can be found adventuring in the woods with her dogs.

What has Emily Ross been up to?

I play French horn in the Portland Wind Symphony – Oregon’s premiere wind ensemble currently celebrating its 25th anniversary. I have played in a band, orchestra, or quintet every year of my life since 6th grade (except for the two years I served in the Peace Corps).

I am preparing 28 children on the autism spectrum for their Winter Program at Victory Academy. The program includes Braindance-inspired movements, sign language, and instrument playing to engage the nonverbal participants, and singing as well as solos for those who are verbal.

What has Angie Kopshy been up to?

In addition to practicing music therapy, I love being a singer/songwriter. My band, Stoneface Honey, just released a CD of my original music on November 17th! I’m also learning how to scuba dive and am preparing for an exciting scuba diving adventure in Mexico before Christmas. In my spare time, I also indulge in bikram yoga.

As Vice President of OAMT (Oregon Association of Music Therapy), I am spearheading our state’s annual conference that occurs at the end of January. We’re bringing a keynote speaker all the way from Florida for this event. I’m also playing a large role in a regional music therapy conference that will bring music therapists from nine Western states to Portland in 2014.

West Hills Music Therapy Studio wishes all of you a wonderful December. We look forward to enjoying 2013 with you and thank you for your support!