Songs for children CD

Music Therapy Services of Portland specializes in work with children on the spectrum. The most common goals addressed within individual sessions and groups are related to communication, motor-movement, cognition, emotional regulation, and social engagement. Board-certified music therapists, Kate Harris and Angie Kopshy, have been working with a talented and creative parent, Jo Alexis Bronstein Mishiga.

MTSP works with her young son on a weekly basis. Together, these three women realized the need for more songs that integrate the science of how the brain responds to music and specific non-musical goals. In addition, the songs should be memorable and easy to learn, interesting and easy to adapt. The recording and mastering of the first CD for this series will begin soon. Meanwhile, we will share the 15 songs from this collection over the next 15 weeks.

Song #1 is ‘I Like Balloons,’ which also has a beautifully illustrated book created by mother and artist, Heather Golan. Singing along with this book within the clinic has proved incredibly helping for reading, keeping a child engaged and creating structure around the entire experience. We frequently use balloons with this song to incorporate both fine and gross motor-movement and breathing exercises.

We encourage family engagement as much as possible, so try this at home a few times with your child and let us know how it worked for you.