Walking to School

Many of the students at Kagarama Primary School hike for miles to get to school every morning. Last night we walked home with one of the students, met her beautiful family, and returned with her early this morning. It was quite a hike and I’m grateful for all the kids helping me carry my belongings and singing songs with me on the two mile hike. The students squeeze into a desk with their classmates, situate their books and listen intently when their teachers speak. I am so impressed with their tenacity and respect for their classmates as well as their instructors. Squeezing 90 students into one small classroom has forever altered my perspective on personal space! These students  don’t have a choice about how close they are to one another within the classroom, but they handle the cramped setting with grace while  constantly holding hands, hugging one another, and providing great affection towards one another. Here are the kids taking a little break from their hard work to practice The Macarena!

The Video