Beyond a Diagnosis

We understand families seek our services because their loved one is having challenges at home or elsewhere. We maintain a very specific intention at Portland Music Therapy – to discover the gifts beyond a diagnosis. Music can help unveil your family member's unique strengths.


Our mission is to serve the entire family of a special needs loved one. Our clinic is meant to be a safe haven for families. We want parents and caretakers to be able to grab a cup of tea before relaxing in the waiting room. If this is your only chance to make phone calls or run an errand, please use this time for you!


We work with you to create specific goals and objectives, which we review every twelve weeks. After each session we will discuss how the session went and provide you with a progress update. We may also recommend particular books, articles or videos for the entire family to engage in together at home throughout the week.

Our Specialists


In order to complete a degree in Music Therapy, students are required to complete a six to eight month internship under the supervision of a board certified music therapist. Portland Music Therapy works with local universities to provide internships for future music therapists.

Sound methods. Caring specialists.
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