On March 27, 2014, the Western Region of the American Music Therapy Association (WRAMTA) hosted our annual regional conference in Portland, Oregon. The Oregon Association for Music Therapy hosted a community forum that brought in both professional music therapists from the Oregon community and professionals with whom they partner. Following this Community Forum, WRAMTA kicked off Opening Session where we had the opportunity to honor some of the strongest advocates of music therapy from our community.

Award Recipients

Greg Roberts is the Superintendent for Oregon State Hospital. The Oregon State Hospital in Salem currently has 13 professional music therapists on staff! Music therapy has also been part of their recreation therapy services for more than 30 years.

Accepting for Willamette Valley Hospice was Pam Matthews, Executive Director. Willamette Valley Hospice is a significant supporter of music therapy in Oregon. They have two staff music therapists and are also involved in community education of music therapy.

The following individuals are members of the Oregon State Legislature and are significant supporters of music therapy:

  • Oregon State Representative Julie Parrish
  • Oregon State Representative Lew Fredrick
  • Oregon State Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward

As a music therapist in private practice, I want to thank everyone for their support in the past, present and the future as we endeavor to find more ways to provide individuals with music therapy services.